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Robozilla is up!

2009-05-25 20:40:05 by Tophatwonder

after a while of work i finally managed to get something out there. I am trying out the ad's on my animation and to see how that goes. hopefully it doesn't interfere with the animation.

enjoy! there are other movies on the way.

Hello anyone!

2009-05-17 23:29:07 by Tophatwonder

alright I'm in my animation class and shit is getting done! so probably this week or next week I got some stuff to post on here, i'm sorry for keeping people waiting, (if any lol.) but it is soon to come.

usually i delay things but this time I have deadlines to make so..
Stay tooned in!

on a side note I am working with some prototype game coding, yes involving ninjas, and co-op hopefully I can put it all together for the newgrounders to enjoy.

Delayed once more..

2009-01-21 01:53:40 by Tophatwonder

so, I was working on this snowball fight animation, however; I recently was presented with an opportunity to do an animation for a local radio station. So i will be occupied with that for now.
sorry to anyone who is reading this for not posting much lately.

here is a pic from the snowball fight.

Delayed once more..

well working on somthing new... again.

2008-12-20 00:34:33 by Tophatwonder

OK! so since it's near christmas I am working on a little flash involving snowballs and a war obsessed uncle.
since i got the christmas break for a bit i am sure i can get this thing out for who ever is reading this, stay tuned. i may add some shots of the work in progress later on.

pain in the ass..

2008-12-02 14:22:15 by Tophatwonder

well, im home today due to a headache that soon went away after i took a tylenol, so i'll try and get some stuff done on my flash, havn't really been doing much with flash lately except for making avatars, pets and stuff for a virtual world website called whirled. I'm stuck between school, scholarship, grad transition, homework, and of coarse Xbox360 :P

hard to find time, but i will manage, hopefully. looking forward to my animation class in the 3rd or 4th quarter.

thanks for reading, hope to get you viewers out there some animations. :D


2008-11-18 21:20:55 by Tophatwonder

well, i'm trying to work on some flash but i'm kinda busy with my art class and geography class right now so, i guess the ninja thing will have to wait, i'm trying to drop out of my geography class so i can have some time to do things.

we will see tommarrow if i can argue with the principal well enough.

It's over 9000!

2008-11-15 16:26:38 by Tophatwonder

well, i'm taking a little break for the moment to do a quick short of DBZ over 9000!
felt like doing it when i was watching a flash that left out the best part. so should I have it finished today or tommarrow. here is a picture of what i got.

It's over 9000!

Workin on some new flash

2008-11-09 13:59:04 by Tophatwonder

Hello to anyone that is reading this,(if anyone).

now that i have the weekend off im gunna try to get somthing out there, my "the gnome and the dog" has been kinda put on hold cause im working on somthing else involving a ninja and a bomb, kinda trying out a new style. ill do my best to get it out by friday. there is the little picture of the edgy ninja sorry about the quality :P

thanks for reading!

(Edit: not sure i will get it finished by friday, cause i just god call of duty 5, aswell as a cold. lol)

Workin on some new flash

New Animation

2008-09-07 00:31:20 by Tophatwonder

Well i just finished story boarding the movie im going to be making in flash just for fun. its called the gnome and the dog, there is a lawn gnome that like to keep his garden and nice and clean. and a trouble making dog that likes to break things, wonder what will happen lol.

just started the animation process but spore is coming out tommarrow so i'll probably be spending most of my time on that for a few days, that and school. but im sure ill manage to get this together soon.

first time i actually have a story behind an animation instead of random things.

well i'm looking forward to it and i hope you are too.